Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why People Hate Lawyers

Ok, there are many reasons, but the conversation I just had with one of the lawyers in our office is one of many reasons I hate them. One of the lawyers I work with (We'll call him "Dick", as opposed to my boss, who we call "Asshole".) is a complete moron. He has absolutely ZERO people skills and talking to him is like talking to a wall.

Me: Dick, Mrs. Client called this morning and wants to know when she can come pick up her Will.

Dick: It's not done yet.

Me: When can I tell her it will be done so she can pick it up?

Dick: I'm hoping it will be done next week.

Me: You're *hoping* it will be done? Or it *will* be done?

Dick: I'm hoping it will be done.

Me: Well, I need to call her back and tell her when it *will* be done.

Dick: I'm hoping next week.

Me: I can't call her back and tell her when you're "hoping" it will done, I need to give her an exact day so she can come pick it up. "Hoping" doesn't answer her question.

Dick: Ok, I'm anticipating it will be done next week.

Me: That's the exact same thing as hoping!

Dick: Well, that's what I'm hoping.

Me: So I should call her and tell to come all the way down here next week and *hopefully* it will be done when she gets here?

Dick: Well, it's a simple Will. It won't take long to do.

Me: So then it *will* be done next week?

Dick: Hopefully.

It was at that point that I simply turned and walked away because I'm pretty sure I felt part of my brain explode. I mean, it's not just me being overly sensitive, is it? The guy is a fucking moron, right?


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